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Sept. 2, 2020, 11:26 a.m. -  Endur-Bro

Unfamiliar with the brand name. Wondered if it was a RuRoc or any of those janky ski goggles ads.  The only SS I’ve ridden was the Schwalbe Rock Razor 29x2.35. It was okay. I’d likely just get a faster rolling traditional tyre than another SS. Unless it was for an XC bike. Actually now that I have a pedal bike besides my Surface I could give one another go.  I’m pretty okay with running 2.3 DHRII F/R and rotating the front to the rear when I get a new one.  PS I’m currently running a lot of Michelin tyres as of late. Rock Razor2, Wild Enduro F. Have a Wild Enduro R and Wild AM to try out soon too. Thinking of trying DH22 for winter. Ran the special addition Schwalbe Tumourous Tammy on the DH bike

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