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Sept. 2, 2020, 8:18 a.m. -  Tehllama42

I think this comes down to trails that can be ridden from my house - when I drive a bit and get on some terrain where knob penetration is actually a thing that happens in anything other than loose decomposing granite, the braking, grip, and transition performance of real knobs on the back is unparalleled.  The trails I can ride to from my house, straight line braking is basically the best option, then burning off speed sideways is the next best, and the e.13 SS does that the best (and not much else notably well).  Decomposing granite over hardpack is a strange surface, and probably drives my impression more than anything else... we basically don't get access to most of the benefits of real knobs out back on FS rigs, so might as well save some joules uphill. I'm running RekonRace/Aspen on my XC HT (doubles as a road/gravel bike and kid trailer hauler), so there's quite literally zero counterargument about what they're truly best for - the low tread out back gives me energy at the top of long climbs that enable all sorts of bad ideas, so far they've all gone remarkably well, and been delightfully tail-happy, but I need fork squish to get the best out of that. For my part, definitely want a 29x2.6 e13 TRS-R-SS, and also want a Exo+/DD cased RekonRace in 29x2.5 (to pair with a 2.6" Minion out front), because that's a true bad idea enabler setup.

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