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Sept. 2, 2020, 6:19 a.m. -  Tehllama42

The confusing part about running a semislick out back is that there are changes that need to happen out front to get ideal results, and they are better on FS bikes for sure.  On my 150/130mm travel short/slack bike, they key is putting a tire like a DHR2 out front, and changing braking technique to have even a hope of things working out for the best, big braking paddles out front and leaning on that are what makes the overall tradeoff worth it - on loose-over-hard and slickrock trails the combination is unbeatable, especially for out of shape punters who want to go fast. It feels bad coming in and being like 'Andrew, you have to change the front tire, and your entire technique', but that kinda is how I actually feel about it.  The things I actually like about running an SS in fast/open terrain are that I can overcook a turn and know that the back end will step out, bleed speed, but snag enough grip to stay on the trail, and stay hooked up from that late apex forward, provided I weight the front wheel enough to not fully wash out.  It's a horrible feeling at first if unintentional, but once understood it's simply riotously glorious, if a bit inefficient.

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