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Aug. 27, 2020, 3:57 a.m. -  Enurjetik

I'm the same height as AJ and made the switch to 165mm SLX cranks about a month ago. I also have a 32 inch inseam, so that may be coloring my experience, but I've found the change to be universally positive. I scoured the internet for people's experiences on switching from 175s to 165s. I was terrified at the thought of losing what little power my legs push out. According to the internet science wizards (always to be trusted!) the percentage difference is so miniscule as to be unnoticeable. What you will notice is that your pedal spinning circles are smaller and faster, but you'll completely forget about this 45 minutes into your first ride. But the glorious feeling of actually pedaling up rooty, rocky climbs? Well, that lives with you forever, my friend.

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