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Aug. 26, 2020, 5:47 a.m. -  MountainBikeBarbados .

Good review Al and exactly what I figured after my experience with the 10 and 11spd versions. I also really like that multi-release function, something you could hack in the last iteration of the 9spd shifters, but not 10spd, however in the 11spd lineup, I sacrificed it to get MUCH lighter shifting with the SLX over XT, so glad that they've fixed that issue. Another thing you didn't mention is that while there's a 80g weight penalty on the SLX over GX, you also only pay 1/2 the cost for one, so that coupled with much crisper shifting is an absolute no brainer to me. It's no wonder with the quality of Shimano's lower end parts like Deore that this year OEM has flocked to them for a cheaper cost, but better performance metric.

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