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Aug. 17, 2020, 7:28 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I appreciate the question as I’ve been asked a number of time IRL. I have bottle(s) on my frames (though I often carry extra water), tools on my frames in my easily transferred dry bag, and my PR Dumpling happily holds wallet/phone/keys/extra gloves/ESJ, why a pack? A few reasons. I often pack a 4/3 camera, but even when I don’t I like to bring an extra shirt, some small first aid stuff, extra gloves, a light if I’m planing to finish near dusk, my GoreTex vest if there’s a risk of decent precipitation, and a snack. It all fits in my hip pack (even the camera) but weight/comfort wise it disappears in the Chase. Also, if I want to detour home from work via Fromme I need to pack a lunch to work and my (daughter’s - totally stole it) lunch box on the way home and spare clothes and with the Chase that’s comfortably doable. Lastly, even when it’s ~ empty and my little hip pack is screaming for a ride, if it’s a solo pedal I really, really like the cellphone access. Hope for the best; plan for the worst - in this case the easiest access to a phone.

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