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Aug. 17, 2020, 5:56 p.m. -  DanL

It's funny, I always thought the back and forth about whether a frame has space for a bottle cage was not a problem that was going rear it's head for me. But there are now so many great options for stashing tools into a bike which are now made useless for me as I still have to carry a damn bottle on me. And there's no way I'll stick a bottle So in order of size I've got a Dakine Hotlaps, a USWE airborne3 , a Mission Acre and an EVOC Fr Trail. They all excel at what I need them to do but I'm looking enviously at bottle cages and wistfully at gear stashes as no matter what I do right now, I'm still carrying water on me. This chase vest looks excellent but I think I'm chasing a unicorn.

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