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Aug. 17, 2020, 9:43 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I don’t understand why it would be impossible? I mean, it may not work for you personally - it may not even be necessary (can you buy a non-custom bike that has a genuinely long reach for your body?) but there are plenty of ways to get the bar up if you want to. I have a couple friends in your height bracket - one yogas, one doesn’t - and at least one of them is running plenty of headset spacers and looking at 50mm rise bars.  I played with the concept of riders chasing **[Short Person Fit](** over at my passion project but it’s not ready for prime time. Just a concept. But more and more riders have bike setups that short folks were running 10-20 years ago because their bikes had to have proportionately long Reach and higher Stack than what taller riders were buying.  Honestly hadn’t thought about the length of the back protector. It’s long enough to protect me from my own stuff (in the pack) and I feel if I’m rolling or looping out the pack is going to contact the ground first 99/100 times. Then again, I’ve never gone out looking for a back protector - it’s just a feature that works well for me in this instance & has the added bonus of some peace of mind. Camelbak does full length packs with back protection so maybe that would work for you? I love the vests very un-pack-like ability To always stay in place during aggressive efforts.

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