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Aug. 6, 2020, 7:59 a.m. -  Michael Klein

On my second ride with the Rainier Gen3 the actuator stuck, leaving the post unlocked in any position. I reached out to PNW who replied: "We have identified that some of the Rainier Gen 3 actuators have a rough machining issue on the moving parts causing them to intermittently stick. We have also found a repair for this issue that 100% fixes the problem." This was on sunday (four days ago), and today I received a replacement actuator. Considering, that there's nine hours time difference and half a world between Denmark and Pacific North West, I reckon that's pretty fast. PNW have even made a video showing how to install the new actuator. If you know what a wrench is, and wich way to screw-unscrew, it's a walk in the park (only it won't take so long). By the way, I had the defect actuator running again with some thin lube. So allmost no downtime.

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