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Aug. 3, 2020, 12:39 p.m. -  dave_f

Double D-ring is about as foolproof as it gets. Years ago, a motorcycle race I was participating in was stopped after someone left the track at high speed. They found him eventually, no longer alive, helmet off. At the time, many approved helmets had a click type chin strap. Subsequently, the marshals checked everyone individually at the start for awhile to make sure their helmets were on properly. The safety instructor for the climbing equipment we use at work says SOP is you have your partner check your harness to make sure everything is closed properly and you haven't snagged your t-shirt in a latch or mistakenly don't have it completely latched, because it happens. My halfshell has one of those plastic buckles and I'm OK with that, but if your life depends on positive closure and fit of your downhill helmet's chinstrap, double D is a plus I think.

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