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Aug. 1, 2020, 8:30 a.m. -  Andy Eunson

So true. Paying for warranty is bull crap. We have a thing called the “Sale of Goods Act”. The product has to be suitable for its intended purposes. If the product fails, the party you got it from has to make it right. I was an insurance adjuster, now retired, and years ago I represented a boating store that had sold an outboard motor mount to an individual. Basically a stainless steel slot that attached to the boat where the motor slotted into. A weld failed and the motor fell off and was lost. We had to pay for the motor and new mount because the manufacturer was in the US and the plaintiff had only come after the shop. I think we attempted to have the manufacturer respond but they simply refused. An actual warranty probably changes that so that the store can transfer responsibility to the fork supplier.  I’m no engineer but it would seem to me that the insertion depth needs to be increased to prevent the steer tube from coming loose and creaking. That EXT fork looks like it does that. I look at that big burly 38 and see a shallow insertion depth. Beef up the entire fork except for the insertion is asking for trouble.

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