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July 29, 2020, 3:32 p.m. -  James Vasilyev

i've probably been overly vocal everywhere, but i love this bike and echo Tim's review entirely. mine is semi-custom (wheels and cockpit) and is about 4 pounds lighter. it's a friendly beast of a pedaling machine. best climber i've owned and i'm now a quiver of 1 with my Slayer. i'm mostly in position 3 and i probably don't routinely ride terrain like Tim, nor as fast (though i try).  i haven't noticed much in the way of sound and i'm ok with the stock brakes/pads, though i have some Disco kevlar's waiting in the wings as these wear out. at 194cm, i find the xl with 50mm stem to be perfect. i wouldn't want any larger. i'm not sure exactly why, but it's a goldilocks bike for me, and i feel lucky to have found it. we're married now, no more looking to change or upgrade. no seriously.  oh, and i use a Sprindex 500-550 as a replacement for the stock spring. it's all the adjustment i want and is deserving of a stand alone review. it's the bomb.

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