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July 29, 2020, 10:12 a.m. -  Bushpilot

From what I can tell, bar comfort seems to be pretty subjective.  Here's what outdoor gear lab had to say about the Deity Blacklabel bar:   "They are plenty stiff even with a 31.8mm bore/clamp diameter, and the 800mm width provides ample leverage. Steering feels direct and precise, but maybe a touch too little compliance leaves these bars on the slightly uncomfortable end of the spectrum compared to bars that reduce vibration better like the Spank Oozy Vibrocore or Ibis Adjustable Carbon, both of which are designed around the 31.8mm clamp diameter. More comfortable 35mm options include the Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon and RaceFace Next R bars. We liked the sense of control provided by the stiffness of these bars, but couldn't ignore the hand fatigue generated by them over relatively short runs. They are stiff, and steering feels very direct with plenty of leverage for muscling the bike around at speed or through rock gardens. It didn't take long, however, for our testers to start losing feeling in their hands with the feedback that came straight through them." I have a OneUp bar and a Rental Fatbar Carbon (35mm clamp).  The Renthal bar definitely feels more "precise" when it comes to steering input.  But I don't notice much difference in comfort between the two.  Maybe I'd notice more of a difference without Cushcore, good suspension and low-ish tire pressures...

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