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July 28, 2020, 10:01 a.m. -  JT

Me? Jumps. In the last four years or so I have just gotten so worry warted about jumps, especially the new school variety that are popping up all around, the big, long tranny table tops. Coming from a BMX background, having learned 360's on on a 97 Kona Chute with a 130mm Z1 and Tioga 66's over a proper box jump,  and learned suicides on an old Bontrager Race, it just maddens and bums me out that I'm breaking before the tranny that my friends are banging over. Mentally I KNOW I can clear it, but there's a gut reaction to slow the f down and not do so. Currently trying to peg down a weekend day where i can drive the hour to the closest jumps and just session the line most of the day, to work like Stella and get my groove back. The screwy bit: drops? Yeah, pretty much not an issue. Just a total one dimensional mental wall.

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