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July 28, 2020, 6:21 a.m. -  tdc_worm

Seems to be a pattern of "tuning out" definitions that don't suit the narrative.  virtue signaling happens to be a thing, regardless of your political affiliation/worship (and thanks for assuming you know mine).   If the move were virtuous, Yeti would have made the change a long time ago.  however, much like the Washington football team that was facing the prospect of losing FedEx as a sponsor, the virtue is quite simply a move to retain/grow profitability during a civil rights movement.  Fighting external and prolonged pressure and only cracking under pressure signals a virtue that their "high moral standard" is very closely tied profitability.  Good business move?  Sure.  Virtuous?  Debatable.  And if Yeti's focus isn't to make money (and judging by the price of their wares relative to the market, I believe it is) so that they can pay themselves and their employees, then their tenure in the space will be a short one.   I do believe that you believe the things you write.  After all, one's perception creates their own reality, and we have to respect that.  But that doesn't make somebody else's perception wrong.  This is where context enters the equation:  so we can chat like adults, dissecting the language and denotations, and understanding the intent.

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