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July 25, 2020, 9:36 a.m. -  KavuRider

I really dig this bike. I love wacky out of the box designs.  If I had the money I would grab one no question.  Regarding Trust...I have a Shout, 2 actually. Picked them up right when they went under. There is a company that does servicing in UT still. But if you damage one, you're SOL. Figure with 2 I can cannabilize one to keep the other working.  That said, I really like the Shout. Definitely a whole different feel from my regular forks. I wouldn't say better overall, but it does excel in some areas. You can monster truck straight through gnar with it. And it tracks very well through turns. Hard to get it to pop like a regular fork, so bunnyhopping and lofting the front wheel take extra effort.  I would imagine this would be similar in some ways.  I think, like the Trust forks, it would require way more fiddling to get it set up right than a more traditional frame/fork.

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