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July 24, 2020, 9:41 a.m. -  AndrewR

There is probably no doubt that the linkage has the potential to be better than a conventional fork but then the entire frame is a system with the only after market sales "upgrades" being rear shocks that may or may not have to have a very specific tune in order to work with the system. The major players, that have millions invested in the production and sale of conventional forks, are never going to get on this wagon as generally they do not produce complete bikes anyway, most of them are also powerful OE shock suppliers (which can influence the major frame/ bike brand trying to make their own linkage frame), and they don't want a revision of the bike industry that sees their very lucrative (and working very well for 90% of riders) telescoping fork sales going away. That said almost everyone said that Pole did not know what they were on when they introduced seriously long, low and slack five years ago, others thought Mondraker were whack for making bikes based around 30-35mm stems, and now almost every manufacturer has a frame that matches or comes close to those geo figures.

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