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July 24, 2020, 8:14 a.m. -  Tehllama42

I guess I was trying to show that there are ways to arrive at a cynical viewpoint of this without a starting point in cynicism.  Again, I don't consider virtue signalling to be a negative thing, ultimately it's the best 'soft stick' for getting people to stop passively being arses, it's only when appropriated for corporate uses that I tend to become deliberately skeptical. Starting a business almost never starts off with making money as the primary incentive, but it's a hard enough enterprise that if you don't make that a top priority, whatever other goals exist are unlikely to be in the conversation, let alone met.  In practice, after a multi-month barrage of large companies running multimillion dollar ad campaigns thanking their essential workers (instead of providing any direct anything to them), and knowing the timeline of this, it's still a logical thread that has to be considered, even if the conclusion is that the decision came down to good people making the best decision they could for the right reasons. Words always carry different meaning, and connotation exists because we don't have sufficiently shared experiences to immediately convey everything meant through a handful of arbitrary phonetic abstractions, and my bias is to lean on context more than definition, in which case I found nothing hurtful or negative about the original context.  Others bring fundamentally different epistemology to the concept of language, and I can see why there's a huge difference, but I struggle to see where the outrage comes that others use language differently, and why it's worth prioritizing that when jerk-offs from your example exist and need direct intervention to at least stop making other people's lives suck.

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