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July 24, 2020, midnight -  danimaniac

yes, to both of you. I think both have their advantages... a up to 5° trail I'll ride a LOT faster than a 10° and more trail. Just yesterday I rode one of my favorites that is below or max 5° in the upper part and I didn't brake much. It's just pedal in, and than pump, jump roots, pump some more, hit that corner right and than big smiles and highfives at the end. Later on there's some steeper stuff without proper runouts and you start to drag the brakes a lot more to stay in control and generally ride a lot slower. But it's still flowy. And fun. Big smiles and highfives again. For entry level riders and beginners though it's perfect when it's around 5°.... with little scares in between :D (and nice runouts, so you can actually try to deathgrip down a bit of steep)

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