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July 22, 2020, 5:17 p.m. -  Alex D

Let's look a little harder at this petition. The author is Renee Hutchens.  > For her part, Hutchens has been pressing for this change for several years, speaking often to athletes and employees she knows within Yeti’s ranks. She sent a formal letter a year ago, and last week \[6/31\], she emailed a more personal version of the petition asking the company to reconsider its branding. After no response from Yeti, she published the petition on on 7/6. The only coverage was a lone article on BikeMag that wasn't picked up by anyone. Then Yeti responded on 7/14, creating the leading story on over a dozen high-profile websites. I'm arguing there wasn't enough press to merit a public response, but if you believe the opposite, it only shows how craven the decision was. They ignored her for **years**. This wasn't a fit of altruism, it was exactly what I said: a successful attempt to turn a controversy into a marketing coup.

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