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July 22, 2020, 3:11 p.m. -  Pete Roggeman

Evil_b, re: 'the Tribe thing', this is where people need to check themselves. I had the same reaction, quite frankly - but that's because I didn't know the history and significance behind the term. So, rather than just proclaim that it 'isn't offensive', I actually went and read the petition and - what do you know! - I learned WHY it is offensive to some. And if I've learned ONE thing in the last few months/years, it's that, as a white male, I don't get to decide whether something is or isn't offensive to _someone else. _ I don't know anything about you - perhaps you're First Nations - and in that case, you are uniquely equipped to declare that is isn't offensive - to you. But you don't speak for the rest of the First Nations, some of whom are offended by the use of the term. Simple as that. The Squampton thing - yeah, the way it happened sucks and as I mentioned above, people have to get better about how to approach this stuff. But ultimately, society is changing, and we all have to learn how and why it's important to keep up to those changes.

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