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July 22, 2020, 7:42 a.m. -  Brigham_Rupp

I try hard not to call the United States "America," because to me it feels dismissive of others in North and South America and reinforces an exceptionalism we tend to have in the States. At the same time, I wonder why people native to either continent are so anxious to be called by a name originating with an Italian merchant explorer. If anything I would expect them to be bothered by being called Americans in the first place. Thoughts?  Just thinking out loud now: this is one of my serious struggles with some of these movements in modern society. If we're looking for reasons to be offended, we will surely find them and from some angle every name, every statement, every action can be seen as problematic for someone somewhere. Where is the end of this road? How far do we go to avoid offending, and is there a point at which we say "sorry, you'll just have to cope?" I don't know. I do know in my personal life I will never be able to prevent all possible offenses by those around me, but I can choose not to take offense, and to me that's a very powerful fact.

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