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July 22, 2020, 5:07 a.m. -  Luix

Dave, I know this might be pulling the rope too hard, but the more I read your article, the more it came into my mind. The mainstream media has naturalized calling the USA residents "Americans", in accordance to the Monroe Doctrine dated back in the 1820s. Even you Canadians do, [when you're the first country by surface in the continent]( As an Argentinian -a country which happens to be in America too- I feel it's derogatory and a blatant cultural appropriation case. And many other (mostly South American) residents do. You might not see that one because it's been mainstreamed since, well, 1821. As with many microaggressions, they are built into the language in such a strong manner it makes almost impossible to tell them apart from the rest of our speech. Again, I understand this is quite a stretch from the question you address in your piece. But I still think it deserves to be highlighted. Thanks again for giving us something to think about. I love the way you guys here at NSMB rattle our thinking cans.

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