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July 21, 2020, 3:08 p.m. -  Mikey Bikey

" There is a very strange dynamic in the US right now." It's called a redo of the French Revolution. We got a bunch of self righteous perfectionist Snow Whites pointing fingers at everybody else and demanding instant nirvana/utopia. But as usual the wannabes can never figure out that in the end, the Revolution eats its own children. (Or maybe they figure they can make the cut and end up on top ala Stalin or Mao. Still, while it was close, Robiespierre didn't quite make it.) The latest revelation was that the original owner of the NYTimes had slaves. Frankly I could care less. Same when the Korean Jeoung something or other was hired by the NYT after making derogatory/racist comments about whites. But somehow the double standard only goes one way. Tribe, tribalist, redskin whatever. If you're not English, you shouldn't be using the English language/words. That ought to shut everybody up, including the whiners. cheers

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