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July 21, 2020, 9:50 a.m. -  Tehllama42

I'm not a professional marketer, and never would claim to be... honestly pivot towards something different and throw some videos explaining why the new direction is a better fit, but that the goal is to retain all of the positive aspects that are why they chose "Yeti Tribe" as what they felt to be the best moniker before. Since marketing is an inherently perception-driven enterprise, that would always feel better to me as somebody in the fan base... rehash all of the positive aspects of that, and then (optionally) touch on why a change was needed, or at least the chosen path. 'Tribe' as a term is still generally a positive thing to me (despite my family being spread across what amounts to places where one sees the combined negative effects of low socioeconomic status, BIA bureacuracy, and externally enabled intratribal corruption and nepotism) because that unity of purpose across an entire people is something of an outlier in the modern world, and while there is a fair bit of negative connotation in how that has been used (ironically coming from areas with negligible interaction with indigenous peoples) that plays into that linguistic perception of being somehow lesser... to me there is legitimate anthropological and linguistic work to be done and appreciate why those groups remain unique.  The lifestyle still extant in the 21st century in some of these areas would make most bikepacking enthusiasts look like veritable oil barons, yet amazing things still exist and persist in that culture, even as it has been forced to exist alongside the arguably most effective cultural assimilation engine in history.   I don't think it was a wrong decision for Yeti in the first place, I don't think it was wrong up until a couple of weeks ago, but neither do I feel that it's wrong for them to make a change - they are a business and selling bikes is what pays for them to employ aerospace-capable goofballs to play around in the woods and make awesome products for those who enjoy aspects of that same lifestyle.

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