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July 20, 2020, 9:38 a.m. -  Andrew Major

The stainless CAMO rings are a bizarrely amazing product in that they look great, perform great, and last, so long there's solid value per dollar as well.  Recent story: I managed to crack a CAMO spider last week (completely cased my single speed onto the chainring - totally my fault). I heard something crack but just kept riding and my bike was creaking a bit but otherwise was fine so I rode another ~1hr or so including up a big climb. When I arrived home I had fully separated two of the five arms from the spider but my stainless ring was still perfectly solid and true having held the system together. The spiders are relatively cheap and the ring is still _PERFECT. _ I have no doubt on a 4/104 crank I would have broken the crank spider and that on an alloy chainring I would have either broken it at the moment or when I kept riding on it, so once again I'm newly impressed with the CAMO + Stainless system. Also, slightly regretting not putting ISCG tabs on my frame! And yeah, I even love riding home from work on my bike and that comes down to the little things.

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