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July 15, 2020, 5:31 p.m. -  Cooper Quinn

Um, just to clarify, there's absolutely a lot of trail work that needs to be done in the name of safety. I think I'm following your train of thought, but... yeah. Just wanted to clarify.  Its also worth noting that 'safety' can mean different things especially as trails change: eg if a feature on a blue trail has degraded to the point where its potentially a black feature, you've got a giant liability on your hands without either 1) changing the rating and signage for the entire trail, or 2) "dumbing" the thing back down. I think that's what you mean by 'original intent'.  What the Shore often sees is people latch on to a particular snapshot of a trail, at a particular point in time. If trail work modifies this, suddenly its 'dumbing it down', when in reality it may actually just be returning it to an earlier state. Or, in many cases here, its original state was a loamer, and the whole thing was way easier when it was first built. 🤷  Or in a very recent case, we're catching flak for re-armouring a section of trail, that is now an eroded trench.

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