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July 5, 2020, 11:23 p.m. -  hoffentlich

Hi, great review. Can´t wait for the next part. I also just bought a druid, and have 4 rides in so far. When u say "i set rebound 1 click from full pogo", do you mean 1 click from open, or 1 click from where it becomes "pogo" for you? How many clicks rebound from full open u running on those 140 psi? I run 145 psi with 3 clicks rebound from open, which is pretty fast, but on this bike it feels great so far. Tracks the ground pretty good it feels. I´ve never run that fast rebound on any bike so far, so i´m thinking if this will be good for the future, especially when hitting bigger and lippy jumps? EDIT: Did some bikepark laps today on the druid, here in Germany. Needed to go from 3 to 4 Clicks Rebound, otherwise it would kick on highspeed jumps n stuff. Compression also felt best when completely open. Unfortunately could only make a few runs, a massive headache made me stop the testing : ( Braking definetely is different on this bike. Hard to explain, need to test more.

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