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June 29, 2020, 7:03 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I have lots of fun on my Alpine Trail. Next level manufacturing compared to their past FS bikes and still really reasonably priced. Mine is over forked with a 180mm front. I ran it at 160mm and really like it but needed to bump the Mezzer up to 180mm for the review and didn’t feel any burning desire to go back.  I’m on a large (5’9”) but I’m right on the cusp of sizing running a 40mm stem. If the ETT was much longer I’d drop to a medium. It’s one of the new breed of bikes that pedals like a much shorter bike, with the shock wide open, thanks to the AS. It accelerates really well in landings or pumping but you have to ride it a bit harder than a bike with less AS to make it feel plush.  I always have fun riding it but I’m also on the fence on whether my shorter travel Rift Zone was the better platform for me. Loved my Rifty as well.

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