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June 26, 2020, 10:48 a.m. -  Mammal

Traditionally being a Shimano guy, and after buying my first new complete bike in 13 years, I was interested in comparing the NX stuff on my new bike to what I was used to with the hacked 10 speed Shimano wide-range stuff that me and my girlfriend have been on for years now. Shifting was "fine", but the quality certainly wasn't there at all. I was hoping it would offer an SLX-comparable experience, but the shifter felt vague, the derailleur B-pivot was loose after a week, and the clutch gave out within 2 months of sparse covid-riding. Absolutely unacceptable from my perspective, regardless of NX's position in Sram hierarchy. Then I see Deore release, not just a good quality groupo in the fashionable 12-speed version, but also in 11 and 10(!) speed versions as well. So they're basically saying "for those of you who care more about value per dollar than fashion, we've got your back with product on the shelves for years to come". The Deore and SLX 12-speed stuff will get some OEM sales for sure (the new NX bike I bought, is now only available with Deore), but the 11/10spd stuff is going to kill it in the aftermarket game as well. As a present and future consumer, this is what has me most excited I've been about the drive train stuff in years.

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