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June 25, 2020, 10:41 a.m. -  RapidRacerProducts

On the 37mm Fox forks we’ve tested the top crown can actually hit the main bracket on the mudguard on the way down well before bottoming, it’s also been tested on many prototype forks with even less offset with similar results. It’s likely to be less about the offset than the placement of the fork brace over the tyre on these forks, but the 44mm min stated is a ‘catchall’ just to be safe.  If you have a ProGuard bolt on one or a friend does you MAY find it just misses but many don’t. NB: For this same clearance reason we’re also struggling with adapter brackets for other forks for DVO, X-Fusion, Cane Creek etc. \[if the top crown taps the main part of the mudguard on bottom out that should be fine, just not the bracket\] Hope that helps explain a bit.

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