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June 24, 2020, 4:23 a.m. -  sacki

The REVIVE just has superior performance over the DIVINE and you can feel it on the remote and on the post itself. You can express it very easily in numbers. The REVIVE requires about 25% less force on lever and 35% less force on the drop force in factory settings. You can caclulate by the difference in pressures plus a little bit of more friction on the dynamic seals, because they are much bigger. Although the DIVINE is on par with other posts on the market, the REVIVE is playing in her very own league in terms of smoothness drop forces. People who have not tried a REVIVE before won't really bother, but I have also heard of people who never had a problem with the original Reverb Trigger or plunger remote - until they tried a proper remote. You know there are people who pay a premium of more than 70€ to get golden colored dropper posts without the slightest noticeable difference in performance to a black one of the same brand. Our REVIVE requires less upcharge, yet you get a noticeable different performance.

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