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June 23, 2020, 7:25 a.m. -  sacki

Sacki here. We still believe 34.9 is the future, unless a stupid other standard is created. 34.9 is an existing and well known standard and offers all we want/need in terms of strenght and stiffness to create drops up to around 230mm. More travel is maybe not nonsense but it would require a lot of compromises for the frame design, too, so it does not really make a lot of sense.  34.9 offers great balance between stifness and weight. REVIVE 160/34.9: 590g Fox Transfer (2020) 150/31.6: 585g  Despite 10mm more travel and a 34.9 oversize structure, the REVIVE MAX weighs more or less the same as competitor of the world's probably best bicycle suspension manufacturer. There is not a lot of weight penalty on a 34.9 platform, but the performance gain is immense. Why don't we have a 34.9 DIVINE?  We do have it ready in the box, but we simply can not afford another product line without other/more bike manufacturers jumping on the right train or at least getting an OE deal, which would justify our invest this complete new product line. This is expensive!

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