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June 22, 2020, 4:30 p.m. -  Wile_E.

I leave them on all the time. If I'm driving from Vancouver to Squamish, it's 50/50 that I'd put them on at home. Whistler I put them on there. All my rides around the Tri-Cities, I put them on at home so I'm not fussing with shoes at the start of the ride. They do have the inner and outer bumpers, but not as pronounced as the Sam Hill's. For some reason the Sam Hill has more padding on the sides but no skid plate, the Projects have the skid plate but less side padding. The Projects have a really nice fabric as well that is more durable than most of the spandex type material that most pads have. I should correct, though, not exactly a "hard cap," more of a skid plate... 7idp calls it a soft hardshell outer. Flexible plastic of some sort. I find with every pad I've tried I can get an abrasion where the edge of the dough digs in when (not if) I crash.

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