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June 22, 2020, 2:53 p.m. -  Wile_E.

I find my pads so comfortable and comforting that I rarely ride without them... even wearing them when I'm taking my daughter on beginner trails.  It's kind of like a seatbelt in a car for me where it is less restrictive without one, but it just feels wrong to drive without being buckled in. My current pads are the 7idp Project which puts a hard cap over the super dough.  Not sure how much extra protection it really gives, but I do find the sliding surface reduces damage - I've had other pads pull up or down or the ground wears through the fabric and then into me.  Leatt make great stuff, and I especially appreciate that they and 7idp make things that fit bigger riders.  There are a lot of great rated gear that I simply can't fit, but the brands with the moto backgrounds seem to be more friendly to bigger riders.

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