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June 22, 2020, 2:06 p.m. -  Tjaard Breeuwer

I suspect that a big part of knee pads comes down to fit. Tight enough to stay in place, but not binding anywhere. I have been using the Dainese trail skins for my trail riding. Like the Leat, they have the lattice pad for venting and some side protection as well.  I like that they have a velcro strap top and bottom. So many lightweight pads don't. Even if the pad fits well when new, over time the sleeve will stretch a bit, so I like to be able to adjust that. What I don't like about my (older) Trailskins, is that the fabric between the top of the pad, and the top of the sleeve is a bit loose and stretchy. Great for pedaling, but I do worry if they might slide down a bit if I crashed. This might be fit dependant.

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