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June 19, 2020, 12:02 p.m. -  Pnwpedal

It's great that we have so many options to carry gear, as opinions on this topic are about as varied as it gets. Maybe I'm becoming a weight weenie, but now that I'm on a light-ish carbon full squish bike I don't want to add any weight at all to the bike. I like the way the bike feels without 700-800g of water/bottle/cage plus 120g for a Oneup EDC system plus 200g for a Oneup Pump system plus 50-300g tube/strap combo depending on which tube you use. We're at 1.4kg/3lb added to your bike, which is supposed to be easy to handle and fun to ride. And frame bags add even more to that total. I don't really notice the added weight on my lower back/hips from the pack when it's adjusted right so I'll stick with it until I find something better.

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