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June 19, 2020, 2:34 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Rims not in a condition to be worth building into a new wheel because they are too dented, flattened, cracked, etc. From mountain biking. - Also, rims that I’m going to buy anyways (probably in aluminum personally but I consider a bunch of factors) because, while I make decisions every day to decrease my personal environmental impact, I intend to continue mountain biking. I don’t think anyone disagrees that riding bikes has _an_ environmental impact. - Basic math says that at some point the environmental impact of making one carbon rim will be superseded by the cost of making X aluminum rims. I don’t know what X is, or if it’s a reasonable number, but between mining, manufacturing, shipping, and etc a number exists. I also don’t think the manufacturing of bicycles - any bicycles - is a green activity; however, riding them is a lot greener than most things humans get up to in an average day so I’m pretty self-satisfied in my ignorance, pedaling my bike in the woods and buying replacement parts as I need them. - Generally using words like “clueless” and essentially calling a person completely ignorant on a subject is less than polite when you’re trying to educate them on your opinion/ experience/ research/ understanding. I remember you now from past conversations regarding drivetrains and I think a large part of our misunderstanding may again come down to mountain biking being a very different activity in your experience than mine.

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