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June 18, 2020, 11:07 p.m. -  Esteban

It's obvious new rims are machine built, I should've been clearer and specify I meant if you buy new rims, then you have to assemble them by hand always, so to call them handbuilt is a bit rhetorical. Now I know that's the usual term. You learn something new almost everyday. Down here we just assemble them and that's that, nothing special to it. Me riding bamboo rims has nothing to do with your... err... apparent lack of knowledge (notice I used that verb twice now, I'm not assuming anything, it's just apparent from what you write) about the environmental impact of making anything out of carbon (or aluminum, or steel!) (which is evidentiated by your belief that the longer you run a carbon rim, the lower its environmental impact: it's not, it truly doesn't work that way even though most people actually think it does). Why should it? I'm not the one writing this articles and stating those things. It's a fallacy, hence the book I mentioned. I see; I asume what you mean by "the rims weren't worth building into a fresh wheel" is that rims are cheap and it's so much easier to just buy one full set than to hand build the old one? If that's so, it may be because of where you live, certainly in the third world things are different. And of course there's personal experience too, I can only speak from myself and the riders I know (as opposed to you as a mechanic I'm guessing, hundreds of rims?), but the hubs we've destroyed were by just sheer riding, not by drops or big jumps, so the rims are intact and for us is much cheaper to assemble them into new hubs. What's with my tone? English is not my native language, so that's perhaps a factor. I've read what I wrote again and I don't find anything wrong with my tone —which of course is very hard to infer from just a couple of paragraphs. Nonetheless I thank your advice and offer some too, at the same time I'm watching my tone, you should not think that someone saying you don't know about a subject is an attack on your person. Nobody knows everything, and the slightest "research" can usually prove what we believe is wrong. Thanks for the clarification.

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