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June 18, 2020, 10:57 a.m. -  Pnwpedal

Great looking loadout and bag, but man that's a lot of stuff! I'm now running an Evoc Hip Pack Race 3L, and ~1L of that is taken up by the bladder (I don't fill it to the max so it stays flexible), but it's plenty for me. I also hate strapping junk to my bike so I have everything on my body. But I'm 100% on the Tubolito bandwagon now; the S-Tubo saved so much space. I guess I'll list my junk for the sake of conversation: Evoc Hip Pack Race 3L Water bladder usually filled to 1L Crank Bros M17 tool Small Leatherman tool Lezyne CO2 inflator KMC missing link plier/tire lever tool Super cheap basic tire plug tool Sram chain link Tubolito S-Tubo 27.5 A few zip-ties A small wrap of gorilla tape A shoelace A nylon strap with buckle to strap something on the outside of my pack if needed (usually a light rain jacket) Wallet and car key go in the pack Phone is zipped in my pocket Clif bar in my other pocket I think that's about it. I'm rarely more than an hour away from my car, so I don't pack too heavy. If it's really hot out I can carry a water bottle on the outside of my pack as well, though I haven't needed to yet.

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