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June 5, 2020, 2:41 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I mean, weights are very similar and depend on the driver. They’re both Pawl systems with Hydra  using their unique 1-4/6 pawl arrangement for .52° and P321 using a 2/6 pawl co figuration for 1.7°, which is still damn quick. Both systems are extremely low drag. The P321 has better stock bearings. Both companies have great reputations for customer service. The I9 has be have a simpler assembly with no independent independent bearing adjustment and the P321 has a very smart fine-thread bearing adjuster. Preference will come down to philosophy. Also under philosophy, I9 uses leaf springs where p321 uses magnets to retract pawls. Hydra is faster to service as there’s no bearing adjuster to remove, but neither is hard or time consuming to clean & lube. Both come in pretty colours and are priced at the premium level of the market.  For single speeding it’s hard to argue with Hydra (4 v 2 pawls loaded). For other applications I think you can argue for either depending on which factors you prioritize.

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