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June 4, 2020, 5:54 p.m. -  Luix

Enduro bearings had only the advantage of entering the MTB market first, but their quality is at least debatable. In low load situations they tend to last a bit longer, but under the usual loads experienced in off road riding and with the small balls their specify -and with the horrible hardening process they go through- they fail even quicker than their caged siblings do. Full compliment SKF or caged EZO bearings literally go circles around Enduros, just to name a couple of the better known brands. I wish engineers would win the battle versus product managers just for a change and full suspension MTBs would start speccing needle/roller bearings in the pivots for once. But most of the time marketing gets the green light, and we are condemned to sport Enduro-style (the discipline, not the brand) bearings which can't hold their game when faced with drops and jumps.

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