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May 28, 2020, 6:30 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Hi Dan, I try to watch old threads but if in doubt you can always hit me on Instagram. The bite point comment was Cam’s. I find every four-piston system (Magura, Formula, SRAM, Hope, Etc) gets a bit weird when you get down near the backplates. You can top up the fluid (just remember to open the system when you push pistons back in the future) but honestly I just replace the pads when they gave 10-15% life left. I still think in a blind test (I mean, they are a bit ugly... but also riders are super brand conscious) the Dominion would be near the top of every brake shootout. The Magura MT Trail Sport wins on price, any Magura HC-lever equipped brake wins for small hands, Formula Cura4 wins for power + feel v. simplicity (Plus they feel awesome and look great), but once you’ve tried that light-light lever action the Dominion is top of mind. I need some pads and a longer brake line, and to bleed them (don’t generally work on DOT brakes in my apartment) but yes, I love the Dominion and they’ll show up in future stuff I do. Hope that’s helpful!

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