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May 23, 2020, 6:52 a.m. -  bumVSmtn

First over-forking was a Judy XC on my GT Timberline FS in 1998 followed by a Judy XLC on a Zaskar. Zaskar frame became an under-forked Bullit with the Judy XLC which got closer to forked with an upgrade to a Psylo XC. Over-forked an Orange MsIsle with a Boxxer for a hot minute in 2003. Quickly realized how ridiculous it was and swapped out for a Z150. Realized the issue was running the wrong frame for my intended purposes and swapped to a Banshee Morphine. The Morphine with the Z150 could have been considered under-forked as many people were running dual crowns at the time. That bike, setup SS with 2.6” tires, remains one of my favorite bikes I’ve owned. Fast-forward to today and I tend to over-fork bikes 10-20mm. Haven’t experimented with the dark arts of anglesets yet.

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