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May 22, 2020, 9:29 p.m. -  oldschoolsteel

...I think I eventually over-forked all of my favorite bikes... We used to over-fork our xc bikes with bombers, I still have a 98 Klein Attitude with way too much Marzocchi coil on the front. I see there's a few more people in the forums that also went that route. I remember when the bombers showed up the xc scene. Heavy, but still faster than a Judy SL. That's probably when the over-forking started for me. Actually, I think there's a slayer and a hammer in the attic that have a little too much travel on them too. This article was timely for me. I just finished bolting 180mm of Z1 coil onto a 145mm trail bike. I almost went with the Mezzer (I re-read Andrew's articles about a dozen times) but the shops in Williams Lake didn't know much about them, and the service interval was just soooo long in the Z1. The fender from my Fox also moved over nicely and fit a 2.8 inch tire (That fender thing was not insignificant). I may also have fallen for the late 90s Italian coil nostalgia... which may be the only real reason Marzocchi still exists. I was going to adjust the travel on the Z1 down to 160... but after fighting with the brake adaptors for a half-hour I decided I was done fidgeting with the fork. Also it looks cool. And seriously, why not try it... I might like it... So, thanks to Andrew and all the posters for making me feel a little less ridiculous in giving a trail bike a 40mm travel boost. Even if it's only temporary. ...Let's just hope the head tube/downtube junction is also ok with it...

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