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May 22, 2020, 9:02 a.m. -  Tjaard Breeuwer

You can look at it a few ways. One is: why not buy a bike that comes with a longer travel fork to begin with? Say instead of over-forking a Tallboy, get a Hightower? On the other hand, I have done it plenty in the past, when bikes with a bit more travel up front and slack head angles were hard to find. As a taller rider,  the problem for me with over-forking is that is worsens many geo issues that are already bad for us: * Shortens reach even more * Slackens the seat tube angle even more * Lengthens front center leading to even more rear biased weight distribution For short riders the latter is possibly a benefit, but other issues are problematic: * Raises Bottom bracket * Raises stack Of course, all of these changes depend on the starting geometry. If you have a bike with low BB, steep HA and SA and long chainstays, it seems like a no brainer. My thought is that geometry is king. A bit shorter or longer  travel is less important than having the right geometry for _you_. So use what ever combination of wheel size, fork travel, head angle and eccentric shock bushings works to get the geometry where you want it, and don’t sweat about a bit longer or shorter travel. This view might be biased by being 6’5”, where it is hard to find good geo bikes. The same I am sure holds true for super short riders. People in the middle of the bell curve are more used to being able to choose a perfectly fitting and handling bike, so they probably assign more importance to the amount of travel.

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