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May 22, 2020, 9 a.m. -  Andrew Major

My first 29’er was a Titus Ti. Too steep for riding around here (never mind riding Fromme in the winter on paper thin 2.1” Racing Ralph’s) so sold it in short order to a friend who wanted to XC race it. A couple years ago I see it on Burnaby Mountain. Same custom Fox 32 RLC that James at SuspensionWerx built me, same Mango Sotto Voce King 1-1/8” headset - unmistakably mine anywhere in the world. \*Big Smile\* “Hey! That’s my bike!!!” For a second I thought buddy was going to put up fists and call me into ring... but I managed to clarify that it ‘was’ my bike. I love bumping into bikes I’ve owned and seeing them getting dirt.

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