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May 21, 2020, 2:27 a.m. -  Jan Meyer

I’ve been riding ProCore and MM Super Gravity tyres for years and it has been magic, pardon the pun. Recently bought some cush core but have yet to install it as I am experimenting with a Double Down Assegai on the front with no insert at the moment. So far so good as the grip of the Assegai is insane. The Super Gravity Tyres are a great weight for serious performance option in my opinion. My only gripe with ProCore was the valve which can get guncked up with sealant over time and require a disassemble and clean. Weight appears to be pretty much the same between the two so let’s see what the performance is like when I finally get to installing it. Note: DD Assegai with no pro core and MM with pro core is about the same weight, so that is why I am trying without insert on the front. The DD Assegai is very heavy, but damn it grips!

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