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May 20, 2020, 2:25 p.m. -  Turttle

For a Trail bike, I am still not convinced that Cush Core with EXO is a better setup than just running a plain old Downhill Cased tire. Especially on a 2.5WT casing 29'r wheel. At 95 kilos/210lbs I can run low 20's/high teens with a DH casing, and still have plenty of sidewall support for the conditions. May be not as good as damping as CushCore but still significantly better damping than EXO. Seems the trade offs are marginal until you take into account puncture resistance, where the DH casing is superior. Plus you can get Maxxis tires in DH casing in both Maxx Grip and 60D, Exo casing only comes in Max terra and 60D. Weight wise a 29inch 2.5WT Minion EXO weight 1075g + 260g CushCore = 1335g = Exact weight of DH casing Minion WT in Maxxgrip! Only 1260g for 60D Downhill casing Minion.

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