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May 19, 2020, 11:12 a.m. -  Adam Grice

I've been running tannus armor on my park bike with magic marys. Wire bead and whatever they call their thickest casing. The main thing I was looking for was flat protection, and they've held up so far. One thing to note is that the foam compresses pretty severely after being in the tire for a while, reducing the damping effect. They still ride pretty nicely, but not quite as well as I expected. Still a good price and effective flat protection, but I think its really better for dh bikes.  I've been running nukeproof ARDs on my trail hardtail with wtb vigi front/trail boss rear, tough casings all around, and have been pleased with the rim protection so far, and they're pretty easy to install. Never tried cushcore, and don't really intend to. The price and installation have been keeping me away.

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